Wren Kitchens Advert Song 2018 – Heart & Soul

Wren Kitchens Advert Music 2018 – Video, soundtrack and singer details to the brand new ‘Your Kitchen. Our Heart & Soul’ TV ad campaign.

Soundtrack: If You Leave Me Now.

Singer/Band: Chicago.

Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

It appears the workers at Wren Kitchens love the products they craft so much, they find it tough to let them go.

The song chosen to fit this adverts theme is the suitably titled ‘If You Leave Me Now’ by the US soft rock band Chicago.

Released as a single in 1976, the track was written and sung by the groups bass player Peter Cetera, and reached number 1 on both the UK and American charts.

The above ‘2018 – Your Kitchen. Our Heart & Soul’ TV ad was posted to Wren Kitchens YouTube channel on the 20th of December, 2017.

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