Tu Clothing Advert – ‘Be You’ at Sainsbury’s

Tu Advert Music, Autumn 2017 – Song and singers details to Sainsbury’s clothing brands ‘Be You with Tu’ internet and TV ad.

Song Title: It’s Your Thing.

Group/Singers: The Isley Brothers.

Available For Download At: iTunes and Amazon.

Showcasing some of Tu’s Autumn collection, this latest TV advert for Sainsbury’s clothing line encourages viewers to ‘Be You with Tu’.

The song playing in this advert is titled ‘It’s Your Thing’ and was released back in 1969, when it peaked at number 30 on the UK singles chart.

This 30-second ‘Be You with Tu’ video was added to the official Tu Clothing YouTube channel on the 4th of September, 2017 and is currently airing on TV.

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