Sonos Commercial Music – ‘Wake Up The Silent Home’ Advert

Sonos Commercial Song 2017 – Band and music details to the new ‘Wake Up The Silent Home’ TV advert for Sonos home sound system speakers.

Song Title: Jailbreak.

Artists/Band: Thin Lizzy.

Available To Download From: iTunes, and Amazon UK.

This latest TV ad for Sonos wireless speakers takes a look inside peoples homes to observe that “Everyone’s together, all alone.”

Describing the silence as a “New sickness”, Sonos know just how to ‘fix’ the problem.

In an act that strangely combines generosity with vandalism, a woman throws a speaker through a families window, and that’s the moment when the music and action begins.

The song that kicks in towards the end of this commercial is called ‘Jailbreak’, a track released in 1976 by the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy.

Jailbreak features as the title track of the groups sixth studio album, which also includes their most famous song ‘The Boys Are Back in Town’.

Amongst many other great singles, Thin Lizzy also recorded an excellent guitar-based version of the traditional Irish song ‘Whiskey in the Jar’.

The above extended 90-second version of this ‘Wake Up The Silent Home – The Home Sound System’ ad was uploaded to the official Sonos YouTube channel on the 9th of February, 2017.