PS4 Advert Music – Sony PlayStation Commercial

PlayStation 4 Advert Music 2015 – Band and song information for Sony’s new ‘Wonderful Life Of A PS4 Player’ commercial. #PS4Life

Song Title: Go.

Artist/Band: The Chemical Brothers.

Available For Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Sony’s latest PS4 ad features a track called ‘Go’, which is performed by electronic dance music group The Chemical Brothers.

Go was released back in May of this year and is the second single taken from the British bands 2015 album ‘Born in the Echoes’.

This new PlayStation commercial, titled ‘The Wonderful Life Of A PS4 Player’, gives us a look at Sony’s vision of a typical gamers lifestyle.

If you thought being a dedicated video games player consisted of spending countless hours sat down, staring at a TV screen, it appears you should think again.

Far from being a sedentary hobby, it apparently turns out PS4 players are extremely agile and physically fit individuals, who conduct all their day-to-day activities while simultaneously dancing.

So this advert, if nothing else, should silence any critiques of the gaming industry, who claim it’s partly responsible for today’s high levels of childhood obesity. Take that World Health Organization. I’m glad that issue has finally been settled.

The high-energy ‘This Is For The Players’ video was added to SONY PlayStation’s official YouTube channel on the 5th of November, 2015.

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