PayPal Advert Song 2017 – ‘Settle Up’ PayPal is New Money Commercial

PayPal Advert Song 2017 – Music and band details for the latest ‘PayPal is New Money’ TV commercial, which tells viewers to pay friends back in seconds using the app.

Song Title: Bang Bang to the Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Musicians/Band: Gabin.

Available For Download From: Amazon UK, and iTunes.

PayPal’s new TV ad campaign tells us that ‘Today’s the day we settle up for cabs, tabs and kebabs’ and encourages viewers that ‘When friends give, let’s give back before they ask’, finishing the commercial with the line ‘Pay friends back in seconds’.

All this is of course made possible with the PayPal app, which can be downloaded free for Apple iOS devices from the App Store and for Android devices from Google Play.

The song playing in this advert is titled ‘Bang Bang to the Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and is performed by the Italian nu jazz band Gabin.

This track was released for download back in 2004 and featured on the soundtrack to the superhero film ‘Fantastic Four’.

PayPal added the above 30-second version of this advert to their UK YouTube channel on the 25th of May, 2017, with the ad now airing regularly on British TV.

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