Pandora Christmas Advert Music – ‘Do Get What You Wish For’ Commercial

Pandora TV Advert Song, Christmas 2017 – Video, soundtrack and singer info to jewellery retailer Pandora’s new ‘Do Get What You Wish For’ commercial.

Song Title: Don’t Give Up On Love.

Artists/Singers: Daniel Farrant & James Knight.

Available For Download ThroughiTunes, Amazon UK and

One company you can always rely on for a good Christmas advert are jewellers Pandora, and this year is no exception.

This ‘Do Get What You Wish For’ TV ad shows ladies dropping hints and using all kinds of tricks to ensure their men buy them just the necklace, bracelet or ring they wanted. We even see one woman going as far as to train their dog to lead her guy right to the door of the Pandora store.

Featuring the lyrics ‘There’s an angel waiting in the wings for you’, the music playing in this commercial is the female vocal section from the song ‘Don’t Give Up On Love’ by Daniel Farrant and James Knight.

This 60-second video was added to The Official Pandora YouTube channel on the 2nd of November, 2017.

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