KFC Advert Music – £15 Double Bucket Deal

KFC Advert Music, March 2016 – Band and song details to KFC’s latest TV ad for their £15 Double Bucket deal.

Song Title: Keep Together.

Singer/Band: Hunter Hunted.

Available To Download From: Amazon and iTunes.

Following on swiftly from their ‘Double Zinger Stacker’ advert, KFC’s second new ad of March promotes the fast food chains £15 Double Bucket deal.

The song you hear playing in the background is called ‘Keep Together’ and is performed by the American indie pop-rock band Hunter Hunted.

Keep Together is taken from the Los Angeles-based groups self-titled EP, which was released for download in September, 2013. Formed in 2012, Hunter Hunted are a musical duo made up of keyboard player/singer Michael Garner and bassist/singer Dan Chang.

As the commercial says, KFC’s Double Bucket has plenty to go around for £15. The meal contains six pieces of original recipe chicken, six mini fillets, four regular fries, popcorn chicken, two large sides and a large drink.

This 20-second advert was posted to the official KFC UK and Ireland YouTube page on the 14th of March, 2016 and is currently airing during TV ad breaks.

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