Google Pixel 2 Commercial Music – Questioning? Ask More of Your Phone

Google Pixel 2 Commercial Song 2017 – Video, music and band details to the ‘Questioning? Ask More of Your Phone’ TV advert for the Google Pixel 2 Smartphone.

Song Title: Warriors.

Musicians/Band: Too Many Zooz.

Available For Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

Google’s latest TV ad for their Pixel 2 phone points out that ‘When you change a period to a question mark. It changes everything.’

After transforming a number of statements into questions, the commercial finishes with the tagline ‘Ask more of your phone.’

The song playing in this 60-second video is called ‘Warriors’ and is performed by the New York City-based music group Too Many Zooz. The track was first released for download as a single back in May of last year.

The above ‘Google Pixel 2: Questioning?’ advert was posted to the companies official YouTube channel on the 4th of October, 2017.

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