Audi Sport Advert Music – Snow Mode R8 V10

Audi Christmas Advert Song 2017 – Music and singer info to the festive and very white Audi Snow TV commercial for their R8 V10 sports car.

Song Name: Sleigh Ride.

Producer/Vocalist: Faultline feat. Robyn Sherwell.

Download other versions of Sleigh Ride from: Amazon and iTunes.

Audi’s new TV ad showcases the companies R8 V10 car, which features a mode specifically for driving on snow.

Filmed in northern Finland, the advert shows a white Audi R8 being driven at speed across a large, snow-covered frozen lake.

The song playing in this commercial is a new version of the Christmas classic ‘Sleigh Ride, recorded for Audi by producer Faultline, with vocals from British female singer-songwriter Robyn Sherwell. This cover does not however appear to have been released for download as a full single.

This 30-second Snow video was added to the Audi UK YouTube page on the 30th of November, 2017 and is now airing on British television.

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