AirPods on iPhone 7 Advert – ‘Practically Magic – Stroll’ Apple Commercial

iPhone 7 + AirPods Commercial Song 2017 – Music and singer details for Apples new ‘Stroll – Practically Magic’ internet and TV advert.

Song Title: Down.

Artist/Singer: Marian Hill.

Available To Download From: iTunes, Amazon UK and

This new advert from Apple promotes the companies new AirPods Bluetooth wireless in-ear headphones, along with their iPhone 7 smartphone.

The commercial shows a man linking his AirPods to his phone, before setting off on a walk down the street, where he performs some impressive gravity-defying dance moves.

Proving the soundtrack to this ad are the American musical duo Marian Hill.

Despite having the name of what sounds like a solo artist, Marian Hill actually consist of producer Jeremy Lloyd and the female vocalist Samantha Gongol.

The song is called ‘Down’ and was released for download as a single back in June, 2016.

Apple uploaded the above 60-second version of this ‘iPhone 7 + AirPods – Stroll’ advert to their official United Kingdom YouTube channel on the 2nd of February, 2017, with the ad now being broadcast regularly on TV here in Britain.

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